Bamenda the capital of the Cameroonian highlands the North West Region. Zwinkels Tours Cameroon has given special attention to the town of Bamenda.Nearly all the tourist groups have been visiting this nice town with interesting local markets, different people and different cultures. We created a special brochure in order to attract also local tourists and ex-patriates living elsewhere in Cameroon.Bamenda, the capital of the North West Region with a population of about 235000 inhabitants coupled with its great variety of mountainous scenery, its ethnic diversity, traditional cultures and wonderful nature with beautiful water falls and lakes around the Region and its favorable climate is an ideal place for travelers. Around Bamenda, you can visit the famous Fon palaces full of ancient culture, go horse riding in the mountains with the Fulani’s, do some fantastic trekking around the crater lakes, climb some impressive mountains, spend a day with the local villagers or just enjoy the colorful and bustling markets in Bamenda town. There is something to everyone’s taste.                                         




NDAWARA TEA ESTATE                                                               



Traditional mask dance known as                                

          "juju dance"