Cameroon, Africa in miniature


Cameroon is an unique country situated at the Central Africa Region surrounded enormous wealth of culture and nature.


It is one of the wealthiest African countries. It has oil resources and favourable agricultural conditions. But, like other less developed countries it faces serious problems. Over 80% of the population works on the land and the country produces many agricultural products for export. The principal commercial crops are cocoa, coffee, tobacco, cotton and bananas. There is a large aluminium refinery which produces 16% of all the aluminium in Africa. This refinery consumes 70% of all the electricity produced in the country! We would like to refer to our websites. Look also on


The high and still active volcano of Mount Cameroon is there to satisfy trekkers and climbers with its spectacular peak and lava fields. Also the rocky Mandara Mountains of the North, home to some remote villages and the mountains of the North West province, are there to be explored and when exhausted from these adventures, the coastal towns of Kribi and Limbe are waiting with palm fringed beaches and refreshing ocean waters to ease the limbs and to revive your system with some lovely Makossa music making you wonder why this destination has been overlooked so long by tourists.

Cameroon is offering  a lot of possibilities for active tourism. You can stay with the local inhabitants, but also you can make fantastic treks in the nature and untouched surroundings. Zwinkels Tours Cameroon is able to organise tours through interesting areas and is operating in Bamenda a warm and well established Guest House. In Belo around 50 km from Bamenda Zwinkels Tours Cameroon is active in the management of Zwinkels Mountain Lodge. The marvellous surrounding is offering our guests with interest in nature a lot of possibilities.

Zwinkels Tours Cameroon is operating from its Head Offices in Bamenda, but there is also a representative office in Woerden in The Netherlands. In Cameroon we are working with a well-educated and experienced team and we are trying to promote sustainable tourism according to international standards and anticorruption practices. We are maintaining a high standard of ethical business by paying locally correct salaries, compensations and locally required taxes. Zwinkels Tours Cameroon has the intention to show the beauty of Cameroon on a professional basis to foreign tourists and at the same time provide local employment.

You are at the right address if you are looking for an unique and adventurous holiday, prepared by people who know the leisure sector in Cameroon. On this website you can find a lot of information about how we are working, but also about Cameroon with links to useful websites. Do you want more information? Do not hesitate and mail to, or