General information


Cameroon knows 2 seasons, the dry season (December till May) and the rainy season (June till November. In both seasons you can visit Cameroon but in the dry season or semi dry season the possibilities to travel are better and the roads are open.

In the dry season the temperature is high at an average of 29C. Due to the dryness it can be dusty everywhere. The Hamatan (dry desert wind) veiling the sun by sand grains occurs regularly in this period.

Fresh air and a lot of green are part of the rainy season. the average temperature is lower at an average of 22 C. However during the months of July, August and September it can rain for days on end and everything will be very humid, but also very green.

The un-tarred roads, the dirt roads will become impassable for normal traffic during the rainy seasons and can only be accessed with 4 wheel drive vehicles. The months with a combination of both are March, April May, November and December and are actually the best months to visit Cameroon.


For Cameroon a visa is obligatory. Visa can be requested at the local embassy, consulate or representation of Cameroon in your country. For Dutch citizens the Embassy of Cameroon can be of assistance (see also

For a tourist entry visa you must present the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A visa application
  • A proof of sustainable revenue
  • Pass photo

The actual total cost for a Cameroonian tourist visa is from 1 day to 1 month is EUR 90 and for maximum 3 months EUR 130.

When tours are booked through Zwinkels Tours Cameroon our office in The Netherlands may help to obtain visa through the Embassy of Cameroon in The Hague.


  • yellow fever vaccination is compulsory and will be checked upon the airport of arrival in Cameroon.
  • Malaria prophylaxe is a MUST. Recommended is Malarone
  • Mosquito spray or cream for the tropics with DEET
  • Recommended is to only drink bottled mineral water (available everywhere in Cameroon)
  • Travellers medicine chest: pills against diarrhoea (Immodium), aspirin, own medicine with the prescription, jodium, bandages. If necessary your own packed injection needles (not allowed in hand luggage!)


It is important before travelling to arrange for health and travel insurance. Do not forget to get a travel insurance with proper world coverage.