Safety and special attention for prudence


Zwinkels Tours Cameroon is an official Tour Operator licensed by the Cameroonian Ministry of Tourism executing tourism business from its offices in Bamenda in the North-West Region. Zwinkels Tours received the A-status from the Ministry of Tourism in Cameroon. In order to get this A-status, Zwinkels Tours Cameroon had to give financial guarantees to the Ministry of Tourism. Regularly the Ministry of Tourism is controlling our company on important issues like conditions of implementing securities, performing transparent transactions, availability of the local necessary insurance for transport and third party risks. The Ministry of Tourism is also checking whether Zwinkels Tours is complying with social obligations for her employees and sound business performances in order to create a sustainable tourism sector in Cameroon. Zwinkels Tours is respecting local laws, does not engage in corruption and is meeting her fiscal obligations. The Management Team of Zwinkels Tours Cameroon is obliged to only use means of transport complying with the local security standards and to use well experienced drivers and bus operators. Zwinkels Tours is using her own vehicles and is only using means of transport from third parties, which fully comply with the law of Cameroon including the requirements by law for transporting tourists.



Taking pictures in Cameroon is a very sensitive subject in Cameroon. Due to their traditional beliefs some people strongly object to having their pictures taken, even after they have been politely asked. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant encounters, please always ask permission before taking some one’s photograph and do not press or take furtive pictures! In case you still wish to take a picture you can offer to send a copy of the picture to the person or you simply give some money in exchange. Officially one does not need a permit for photography or video filming, but please take care that you do not take pictures of anything that is regarded of strategic importance. Military zones and installations, bridges, airports, presidential palaces, security, police and military personnel and pictures that harm the country’s good reputation and morals are not allowed to be photographed. To avoid any trouble at official events it is advisable to obtain a special pass from the Ministry of Communications in Yaoundé.


Beggars could be an annoyance, but always keep in mind that you are considered the “rich” tourist. Also the endless demand for money and presents could be very annoying. Not only very poor people and children are begging all the time for money, also very highly educated people are constantly asking presents and gifts from tourists. Be firm in your denial but stay friendly and polite.


Harmattan is the wind blowing sand south from the Sahara desert, turning skies sandy grey from December to February. On bad days, visibility can be reduced to 1 km or even less which can lead to delays or cancellation of flights and which can spoil the views.


Cameroon is like most other cities and countries in the world and we advise our clients to be prudent with money and valuables. Do not show stacks of money in public or parade openly with jewellery, expensive camera’s or fancy mobile phones. Travellers are advised not to carry huge sums of money or valuables with them when sightseeing, out in the streets or in night clubs. You can leave your valuables in the safe of your hotel. Leave always your travel documents like flight tickets, insurance papers etc. in the hotel or guest house. For identification on the road you need always your passport with you.


Possible infections and diseases

There is no Ebola in Cameroon, but there are some other diseases like Malaria. It is advisable to wash your hands regularly and do not  drink from the local rivers or taps. Bottled mineral water is widely available in Cameroon.   In case of malaria please consult a doctor for a quick test of your blood.