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Zwinkels Tours Cameroon can organize “tailor made trips” from 2 persons tol maximum 12 persons. Our intention is always focused on offering comfortable trips. Travelling through Cameroon is always done by car or small bus with an English speaking driver and a local tour guide.


Cameroon has a great variety of people in various cultural groups. The beautiful nature is offering a lot of possibilities to make short trips as well as long trips depending on the interest of the individual client, his budget and available time. Cameroon is also the right country to make a first visit to the continent of Africa, during which the client can meet with local traditions, beautiful nature and experience the real Africa life in one trip.

Beside that, Zwinkels Tours Cameroon can organise special nature trips (birds, gorilla’s) to unspoilt jungles. Our cultural trips are mainly focussed on the many local Kingdoms in the North-West region, but also visit the Pygmies tribes, which are not often visited. It is important that our clients first study the available information on our websites and travel books in order to orientate themselves on the possibilities and interest, including the available budget. Please look also on www.cameroun-infotourisme.com and www.zwinkelstourscameroon.com.

With tailor made trips we expect that the client is buying his or her own flight ticket. Douala and Yaoundé have international airports, where most international airlines are landing. The following airlines have connections with Cameroon:

  • Air France
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Brussels Airlines
  • ASKY Airlines operational from Togo

Local flights within Cameroon are very unreliable and in case you want to visit the North of Cameroon it is better to take the night train from the capital Yaoundé to Ngaounderé and v.v. (approx 12 hrs). In this respect we can also offer trips, starting from Ndjamena, the capital of Chad. Air France is flying to Ndjamena.

Hotels in Cameroon vary from international, luxurious, 5 star hotels like the Hilton in Yaoundé and the Meridien in Douala to comfortable 4 star and 3 star tourist class hotels in Kribi, Limbe, Kumba, Foumban, Bamenda. The rooms in most of these hotels have their en suite bathroom/ air conditioning or fan. However, the hotel business in Cameroon still has not reached the European standard and often we are confronted with shortcomings. Sometimes there is temporarily no electricity and/or water. Our own accommodations in Bamenda, Zwinkels Guesthouse and Zwinkels Mountain Lodge meet the international standard.AgrarischeReis

Information Tailor made trips

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