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Africa is growing fast and more and more positive reactions on this continent appear in the media. With its 55 countries Africa harbours an enormous treasure of oil and other raw materials, but Africa also has an enormous touristic potential that so far has only been partly exploited. Everybody knows South Africa, Kenya and Tunisia but most of the people are not aware of the touristic potential of Cameroon. Cameroon is also called “Africa in miniature”. It has great cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity. 20 million people of more than 250 ethnic groups speaking approximately 200 different languages comprise the population of Cameroon. Many of these ethnic groups have preserved their age old original traditions, dances and art.

One of the founding partners , Ben Zwinkels, has lived in Cameroon for 4 years in the seventies and to this day he is still active in the country. From this bond and in cooperation with Amour Mezam, a local bus organization, Zwinkels Tours Cameroon emerged, focussing on the promotion of sustainable tourism to Cameroon for people with an eye for nature, culture and local people. Zwinkels Tours Cameroon has many contacts with the local kingdoms.


The organization of your trip to Cameroon is supported by a wealth of Cameroon experience and specialism in the field of travel organization. We have extensive contacts in Cameroon with people who are proud to welcome tourists to their beautiful country and would like them to enjoy their enthralling and magical culture. In Bamenda we are happy to introduce our staff to you who are ready to answer all your questions, to prepare your itinerary, make your bookings and do their utmost to give you an unforgettable holiday.


Marcelle Zwinkels is the travel specialist for your trip to Cameroon. She made her career in tourism working for 32 years in the airline business of which 25 years for the former airline company Swissair. After Swissair went bankrupt, she decided to start a travel agency specialized only in travel to Cameroon. She has seen all 5 continents of the world and knows Africa very well. Accompanying her husband, Ben Zwinkels, she often travels to Cameroon or other African countries in order to acquire new travel ideas. She will assist you in booking airline tickets, hotel accommodation, transport and guiding, in short the design of your travel plan.


In the past Ben Zwinkels has been living in Cameroon for some years. Nowadays he still visits Cameroon many times per year for his work . In the nearly 30 years that he has been visiting Cameroon, he has built up an impressive network in Cameroon on the tourist and business side as well as on the governmental side. He maintains good relations with several ministers among which the minister of tourism in Cameroon.


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